Lilongwe garden - by Tom Knight

Tom & Katie have been teaching internationally for over 9 years and they love it. Their experiences at WAB and previously at Bishop Mackenzie, an IB school in Malawi, have been exciting, challenging and rewarding. Katie is an Early Years teacher and was, until recently Maths Coordinator. Tom has been Head of Expressive Arts, teaches Drama & IB Theatre and TOK and is an Assistant Examiner for IB Theatre.

“Beijing is a fascinating city. The opportunities for learning are boundless. When one takes into account the enormity and diversity of China as a whole, the possibilities for exploration are mind blowing!” Tom Knight

This site aims to give you a sense of what Katie & Tom are working to achieve as international educators and parents. For more information contact Tom & Katie Knight.

Tom Knight
Theatre & TOK Teacher
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The Knights in China

The Knight family currently lives in Beijing, PRC, where Tom & Katie are teaching at Western Academy of Beijing. Katie is working in the ground breaking Early Childhood Centre and Tom is teaching High School Theatre and Theory of Knowledge.

Katie Knight
Early Childhood Teacher